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Julie Seggie

Young people are not indestructible but many believe they are. As trauma nurses we have the proof that their bodies and their minds will never be the same again following a crash on our roads. If they even survive. In 2006, bstreetsmart was devised to give our youth a “reality check” on what can happen to them as drivers, passengers and pedestrians if they don’t give full consideration to their actions. The program started with 400 students, this year 18,500 have booked in. 71,000 have attended to date. Help us make this injury prevention program as professional as we can. We need to have a much slicker introduction (filmed) to the events that lead up to the crash that kills the back seat passenger, maims the front seat passenger and will forever haunt the driver. We would be most grateful for your support of this important program. www.bstreetsmart.org


Bilal Zeidan
TLE Regents Park practice safe driving methods. Our drivers have family and friends who love them.
This is an amazing initiative!